Sara Bylo Private YogaSara’s yoga journey began in 2007, after trying her first yoga classes at her gym, and leaving each time feeling frustrated. Something inside of her told her not to give up.

She soon discovered there was a yoga studio in her office building and decided, apprehensively, to give this yoga thing another try. This studio had multiple instructors who (possibly unbeknownst to them) offered trauma-informed classes.

That is to say, their classes were accessible to everyone in attendance, not just the flexible or experienced yogis.

It felt safe and wonderful to have the opportunity to sneak away to these classes. The yoga instructors didn’t tell their students what to do, or how to feel, they didn’t lead from a place of ego, they weren’t covered in the typical skin-tight high-priced Lululemon clothes, they weren’t going to come “correct” you, their intention was not for their students to achieve the “perfect” pose.

It was ok to be there to explore YOUR body, YOUR breath, and YOUR mind, it was ok to try, and it was also ok not to.

Sara’s practice at this studio transformed her, as this is where she decided she too would become a yoga instructor. She too wanted to hold space for others so they could have a place where they could leave feeling taller, lighter, more present and connected to themselves and others.

This is the exact experience Sara strives to offer her students. A place where you can be yourself, honour your body and your mind, as it is,  but also feel comfortable exploring the simplicity of finding peace and developing mobility and strength within your own body, at your own pace.

Sara Bylo has been teaching yoga across the City of Surrey, BC, for seven years. She teaches corporate yoga classes, private classes, group yoga classes for special events such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties, and offers weekly classes for the City of Surrey Parks and Recreation Centres.

After practicing at this studio for several years, Sara completed the 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2011, The Yoga Outreach trauma-informed yoga training through The Yoga Outreach Society, BCRPA Yoga Level 1 and Level 2 (through FitFlow Yoga), The Core and Pelvic Floor training through same, and Infofit’s BCRPA Fitness Theory program.



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